Ok, so you want to know a little about me?  Mmm….. could be a long session about Andrew Miller

I spent my formative working years in the DHSS (if you are old enough to remember that!).  Three years later I fulfilled a life long dream and joined the British Army. WOW! That was a life changing experience I can tell you. Mind you after being abused and threatened in the HDSS joining the Army seemed childs play!

I had the opportunity to go places, see things and do things that I would never have had if I had stayed in Middlesbrough.  The Army taught me an awful lot about myself and about other people.  It taught me self respect, leadership, people skills and a whole range of those softer skills that many people in corporate life spend thousands learning.  I was lucky enough to be chosen (told?!) to be an instructor from an early time in my Army career and have been trained and qualified with the Army in a wide variety of subjects… Physical training, Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare, Map Reading, Shooting & Range Control, First Aid to name but a few.

I never managed to get much adventure training in; but I did manage to sail around Europe & South East Asia for 7 months with the Royal Marines in 1997 (best holiday ever actually!) on HMS Fearless, spend 5 months sailing up and down the Arabian Gulf on a UK and US aircraft carrier as well as a few other really cool things.

I like to hill walk and rock climb when I have the time, which isn’t nearly enough for what I want to do!

Thanks. Andrew